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Welcome to the ORCS Lab
Welcome to the Laboratory of Operational Research and Complex Systems. Feel free to explore the website and get to know our projects and the people behind the algorithms.
ORCS Lab - Optimisation, Data Science and Complex Systems
Research in the ORCS Lab focuses mainly on the development and application of optimisation methods to complex systems; on data science and statistical modeling; and on the applications of computational intelligence to large-scale power and energy systems.

Latest News

André's Qualification Exam

André Maravilha will be presenting his Ph.D. qualification, titled Heurísticas Baseadas Em Modelos Para Problemas De Otimização Combinatória on September 22th 2016, starting at 9:00 a.m.. Besides Profs. Felipe Campelo and Eduardo Carrano (André's advisors), the qualification committee is composed by:

  • Prof. Geraldo Robson Mateus (Dept. Computer Science, UFMG)
  • Prof. Martín Ravetti (Dept. Production Engineering, UFMG)
  • Prof. Alexandre Delbem (Inst. Mathematical and Computational Sciences, USP)

All ORCS Lab graduate and undergraduate students are invited to the presentation.

[EDIT: 2016-09-23] - A few pictures can be seen here

Paper accepted - Electric Power Systems Research

We're very proud to inform that the work

Multiobjective Planning of Power Distribution Networks with Facility Location for Distributed Generation

by Cristiane Taroco, Ricardo Takahashi, and Eduardo G. Carrano has been accepted for publication in the Electric Power Systems Research (IF: 1.809). This paper reports some results of Cristiane's Ph.D. work under Prof. Carrano's supervision. You can read the abstract by clicking the "Read More" button below.

Read more: Paper accepted - Electric Power Systems Research

GECCO 2016

ORCS Lab is joining GECCO'2016, one of the top conferences in the evolutionary computation and metaheuristics fields. Prof. Felipe Campelo is presenting two papers:

  • F. Campelo, M. Botelho, Experimental Investigation of Recombination Operators for Differential Evolution. DOI: 10.1145/2908812.2908852
  • M. Teixeira, F. Goulart, F. Campelo, Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization of Winglets. DOI: 10.1145/2908812.2908848

Prof. Campelo is also presenting an invited talk in the Evolutionary Computation in Practice workshop, titled EAs in Aeronautical Optimization - Some Results and Challenges

The presentation slides can be seen here, here, and here.

Moisés' M.Sc. Presentation

Moisés' M.Sc. dissertation, Análise Experimental de Operadores de Recombinação para o Algoritmo de Evolução Diferencial ("Experimental analysis of recombination operators for the differential evolution algorithm") will be presented at UFMG's School of Engineering, seminar room 1012, on July 15th 2016. The public presentation is scheduled to start at 2p.m., and all ORCS Lab members are invited to attend.

Besides Moisés' advisor Prof. Felipe Campelo, the dissertation committee will be composed of ORCS Lab's Prof. Lucas Batista and by PPGEE coordinator Prof. Rodney Saldanha.

[EDIT: click here for pictures.]

E-book released

The (Portuguese-only) e-book Mac OSX: Comandos Básicos e Avançados has just been released by the Andarilho collaboration. The book, written by Alessandro Vivas, Luciana Assis and ORCS Lab's André Maravilha, provides a general introduction to OSX's terminal, alongside with tips, tricks and hacks, organised in a way that simplifies the life of even reasonably experienced Mac users.

The book can be downloaded for free, right here.

AIMDay - Smart Industries

ORCS Lab will be joining the AIMDay: Smart Industries event that will be held in Belo Horizonte this coming Thursday. This particular event aims at bringing together industrial and academic partners from Brazil and Sweden, to discuss pressing problems in the context of the Smart Industries concept (also known as Industry 4.0). The faculty members of ORCS Lab will be involved in discussions on mathematical and statistical modelling, as well as optimisation, of problems in manufacturing, emergency management, mining and others. The full program of the event is available here.

Paper accepted - Computers and Operations Research

We're very happy to announce that the paper:

Integrating Matheuristics and Metaheuristics for Timetabling

by George H.G. Fonseca, Haroldo G. Santos, and Eduardo G. Carrano, has been accepted for publication in the prestigious Computers and Operations Research (IF: 1.861). The paper reports on results that are part of George's Ph.D. work under the supervision of Prof. Carrano, and describes strategies that provide the best known results for 15 out of 17 benchmark instances of the High School Timetabling Problem.

You can read the abstract by clicking the "Read More" button below, or check the early access version of the paper here.

Read more: Paper accepted - Computers and Operations Research

Michel Gendreau at PPGEE-UFMG

Prof. Michel Gendreau from the Polytechnique Montréal and the University of Montréal will be presenting the main research topics developed by the Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT) this coming Tuesday (April 19) at 2p.m.. The presentation will be held at the Seminar Room 1010.

Michel Gendreau is an Associate Professor with the Department of Informatics and Operations Research at the University of Montréal, and a Professor with the Department of Mathematical and Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnique Montréal. His main research topics include network and transportation optimization, vehicle routing, metaheuristics, and applications to energy and communications systems.

All ORCS Lab students are invited to the talk.

André's Ph.D. presentation

André will be defending his Ph.D. thesis at 9 a.m. this Friday, April 8th 2016. The work will be presented at PPGEE's room 2418-A, School of Engineering, UFMG. The work was advised by Prof. Felipe Campelo

The thesis committee will be composed of the three ORCS Labs professors, as well as by Profs. Jaime Ramirez and Frederico Guimarães (Dept. Electrical Engineering, UFMG), Prof. Elizabeth Wanner (Dept. Computing, CEFET-MG), and Prof. Rodrigo Cardoso (Dept. Mathematics, CEFET-MG). All ORCS Lab graduate and undergraduate students are invited to the presentation.