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CAISER v. 0.3.3

Version 0.3.3 of the CAISEr package has just been released on CRAN. CAISEr is a package for estimating the required sample sizes for experimental comparisons of algorithms, and this small maintenance update fixes a few rare bugs. It also provides some capabilities for saving intermediate results and restarting interrupted experiments. As usual, the development version is available on Github.

Paper published: EPSR

We're very happy to announce that our paper Scheduling maneuvers for the restoration of electric power distribution networks: Formulation and heuristics, by André Maravilha, Fillipe Goulart, Eduardo Carrano and Felipe Campelo, has just been published in Electric Power Systems Research (IF: 2.856). This is the second of two very interesting papers (the other being this one, published earlier this year) that resulted from a R&D project developed by ORCS Lab for power distribution utility Eletrobrás/CERON.

Click below for the abstract, or here to check the paper (free access here until the end of August/2018).

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Package CAISEr v. 0.3 released!

Today marks the release on CRAN of version 0.3 of the CAISEr package for sample size calculation(s) for experimental comparisons of algorithms. This new version includes improved multicore support for Linux / Unix / Mac OS and Solaris platforms, options for saving partial results to file, improved plot functions, a better progress bar (which provides an ETA!) and minor improvements to the calculation of power curves, as well as minor bug fixes. As usual, the development version is available on Github.

Paper accepted: IJEPES

[EDIT] The paper is now available online:

We're proud to announce that Fillipe Goulart and André Maravilha's paper Permutation-based Optimization for the Load Restoration Problem with Improved Time Estimation of Maneuvers, co-authored by Professors Eduardo Carrano and Felipe Campelo, has been accepted for publication by the International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems (IF: 3.289). This paper summarizes a significant part of Fillipe's PhD work, and is the first of two great papers (the other one, also by the same authors, is still under review) that resulted from a very interesting R&D project developed by ORCS Lab for power distribution utility Eletrobrás/CERON.

Click below for the abstract.

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M.Sc. presentations: Jean and Francirley

We're happy to invite everyone to Jean and Francirley's respective M.Sc. defences. Both works were developed under the supervision of Prof. Lucas Batista, and will be presented in the coming weeks.

Click below for more details.

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Paper accepted: ITOR

We're happy to announce that our paper A Recombination-based Matheuristic for Mixed Integer Programming Problems with Binary Variables, co-authored by André Maravilha, Eduardo Carrano and Felipe Campelo, has just been accepted at the International Transations on Operations Research (IF: 1.745). It was under review for almost two years! Congratulations to all authors for their great work (and resilience)!

Click below for the abstract.

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Paper published: Expert Systems with Applications

Now that's some good news! André Batista has just published his very first journal paper, at Elsevier's Expert Systems with Applications (IF: 3.928), vol. 99, pp. 180-192, 2018. The paper, titled Demand Side Management Using a Multi-Criteria epsilon-Constraint based Exact Approach, was co-authored by André and his father uncle advisor, Prof. Lucas S. Batista.

The paper is already available online, and is under an early open-access window until early March. Go take a look, or click below for the abstract.

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ExpDE 1.4 now on CRAN

The second release version of R package ExpDE, a standardised modular implementation of Differential Evolution for the experimental investigation of operators, was released today on CRAN: This version includes some minor bug fixes and features two new differential mutation variants.

Package CAISEr v. 0.2.1 released!

The first release version of R package CAISEr, which implements a methodology for sample size calculations in experimental comparisons of algorithms, was released today. The package is available from CRAN, and can be installed from the R prompt using install.packages("CAISEr").

This package is the result of work by ORCS members Prof. Felipe Campelo and Fernanda Takahashi. The full description of the methodology and results generated with this package were submitted as a research paper to the Journal of Heuristics.

Best paper award - ENIAC 2017

We're very pleased to report that our paper "A Preference-guided Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm based on Decomposition", by Daniel de Souza, Fillipe Goulart, Lucas Batista and Felipe Campelo was selected as one of the top 3 papers at ENIAC2017 - Encontro Nacional de Inteligência Artificial e Computacional (National Meeting on Artificial and Computational Intelligence), currently happening in Uberlândia/MG, Brazil. Daniel presented the paper, which was written as part of his M.Sc. work, this last afternoon. Congratulations!

You can read the abstract by clicking "Read More" below.

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